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In three easy steps - for free!
In three easy steps
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What is Meet2Talk

Learn a foreign language from a native speaker near you. For free!

At Meet2Talk you find members near you, who would like to swap languages. You learn their language, and they learn yours. Once you are connected, you decide where and when to meet. You continue the meetings, speaking the two languages alternately.

About Meet2Talk

Languages 2 learn

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What can we talk about?

Whatever you want, from culture, sport and business to social or language subjects.

If you would like some inspiration for your meetings, please go to the Inspiration page, where you will find a wide range of different topics to use as your inspiration.

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Need language help?

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If you have some language questions, you can ask them in our Language Chat. Your question will be displayed for all native speaking members of the relevant language to see - and someone is likely to answer you.

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New members

Member Native language Location
aalis01 Danish Sjælland
ivo Bulgarian Sjælland
Gozde Turkish Sjælland
jorgebetancur88 Spanish (CO) Colombia
Mazi Farsi (IR) Sjælland
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