Before Accepting an International Assignment

Make it easy for families to say ‘YES’

Going on an international assignment should be a positive experience for the employee and the family. But families are sometimes hesitant. Three out of four employees turn down an assignment and state ‘family issues’ as the main reason.

As companies become more international, Global Mobility functions grow. Issues dealt with here are mostly related to compliance (tax, immigration, social security, benefits etc).Taking care of these important compliance issues are however often not enough to help families preparing to move abroad.

For the family to say yes to an assignment they need the reassurance that the new life abroad will be good for the entire family. This kind of support early in the decision phase is almost impossible for an organisation to offer.

How can Meet2Talk help?

Before making the decision, the spouse or partner can find and contact other spouses and partners at the new location and get advice and information on housing, schools, leisure activities, job opportunities, health and safety issues and the many questions which are important for the individual family.

It is possible for spouses to search for other spouses by nationality, interests, families with children and much more, and thereby find possible friends and network at the new location.

Families will also be able to access country guides and other information uploaded by your company.

One subscription to Meet2Talk covers all spouses and all employees within your company. This means that important early support in the decision phase can be offered to all families of potential assignees with no added cost.

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    Benefits for the company…

  • Offer support during the decision phase to all spouses and employees
  • Acknowledge the decisive role of the spouse and the accompanying family when the decision is made
  • Attract more and better candidates, improve retention and increase the success rate of your international assignments
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    Benefits for the family…

  • During the decision phase spouses can contact fellow spouses from their own company and from other companies
  • Families can easily get the necessary information at an early stage in order to make a qualified and positive decision
  • Offer spouses a tool to help them prepare and play an active part in their own assignment

How it works

Spouse signs up to Meet2Talk

Spouse signs up

A spouse signs up and searches for other spouses at any company location.

Answer questions though using Meet2Talk

Contact other spouses

The spouse receives advice and reliable answers from a fellow spouse already living there.

Join groups and get information

Expand your local network

The spouse can join groups, access information uploaded by the company and get a good ‘feel’ for the new location before saying yes.

See more ways of how Meet2Talk can help you support your international families.

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