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When moving abroad many questions arise and practical information and personal advice is important on a variety of issues: Housing, language, culture, schools, network and friends, job possibilities for spouses, social activities etc. The best way to get this information is from other spouses and employees already living there and who are in the same ‘situation’ as you.

With Meet2Talk all this is possible – providing reassurance before moving and help when settling in.

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    Benefits for the company
    • More successful assignments
    • Dedicated employees abroad
    • Increased employee mobility

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    Benefits for spouses
    • Contact spouses already there
    • Information before moving
    • Network when settling in

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    Benefits for employees
    • Connect with local colleagues
    • Create a local network
    • Successful family assignment

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Check out the features on the Meet2Talk platform. See how easy you can find other spouses and employees living at your new location.
Ask questions, get the right information and find a local network before moving and when settling in.


When deciding to go abroad you can easily find the information and advice which is important for you and your family

Find spouses and employees from your company or other companies at your new location. Ask questions, get the right information and begin to establish a network before moving.

You can also join groups and easily ask questions and receive information and advice from other spouses and employees already living there.

When settling in at your new location you can easily establish a local network

Search for other spouses and employees locally. Connect, meet up and make friends. Search by nationality, families with children, interests and much more.

Create a local network to improve job opportunities, find friends and network for your children, to find voluntary work and settle in more easily.

As a company you can support spouses and employees on assignment and communicate with them

Upload and share relevant documents and information accessible for spouses and employees.

Give access to company relocation and service providers and they will then be able to upload information accessible only to company spouses and employees.

Post news and communicate with spouses and employees directly.
News and communications are only visible to company spouses and employees.

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