Follow a few easy steps to get a successful start with Meet2Talk.

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See Locations available

Check the ‘Locations’ where company spouses and employees can ask questions and share information.

If you want to add more Locations on Meet2Talk contact us at

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Inform Employees and Spouses that Meet2Talk is available

Use our free communication kit including ready-to-use material:

Email template
Intranet template
Videos and User-guides

Follow 4 additional steps to get added value

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Create Company Groups

Create groups to encourage information sharing between company spouses.

More > Company Settings > Manage Groups

Company Groups are accessible only to company spouses and employees.

To share information about a specific city or area use ‘Locations’

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Upload your company logo

Upload your company logo

More > Company Settings > Account

Company logo will be visible when posting company news to spouses and employees. See next step.

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Post Company News

Share information and news with spouses and employees in groups and locations.

Company news is visible only to company spouses and employees.

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Upload information

Upload relevant documents and Information accessible for spouses and employees.

More > Company Information

Give access to company relocation and service providers. They can upload information accessible to company spouses and employees.

Post news in company groups or locations that information is now available.

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Assign roles and tasks

Assign admin roles and tasks to colleagues; e.g. allow a colleague to be able to post company news.

More > Company Settings > Manage Users

Optional & recurring activities – duration 1-2 hours/week

To improve value for spouses & employees, we recommend doing one or more of the following activities regularly

Manage company groups

Post information

Assign admin roles to local HR staff

Ask local spouses to be ‘community managers’

Upload information & documents for spouses

Check out groups and briefly answer questions from company spouses.

Welcome to Meet2Talk!