Email to employees already posted abroad

Dear colleagues,
We know how important it is that you and your colleagues feel well informed about the conditions and opportunities in the country where you are posted.

You and your spouse undoubtedly had a lot of questions when you were posted abroad. Hopefully, many of the questions you had have been answered. Because of this, you’re in a unique position to help others who will soon be posted who may end up with the same questions or concerns you struggled with, while other
families may be able to assist your family with any unanswered questions you still have.

In order to help both you, your family and your colleagues to get an even better experience on an assignment, we give you and your spouse access to an online forum where you can meet others who have been posted abroad. You can also connect with colleagues who will soon be posted and help them with
answers to their questions.



  • More successful assignments
  • Happy family life abroad
  • Local network and friends


We have decided to offer all employees access to Meet2Talk.com, where you can participate in various online forums about specific topics and locations related to postings and your spouse will gain access to information from <The Company> specifically targeting the accompanying spouse and much more.


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