Moving multiple employees and families

Organising a company group move

A corporate group move, whether as a result of a merger and acquisition, business consolidation or business expansion, is a complex and challenging process for any organisation.

It can affect the retention of employees, cause a decline in productivity and put undue pressure on employees and their families. And it can cause a significant impact long after the actual move.

The company’s actions strongly influence the outcome and in this process internal and regular communication is vital.

How can Meet2Talk help with a group move?

Meet2Talk can help you maximise your communication with your employees and their accompanying families in the short timeframe between announcing the move and the time the employee needs to make the decision.

You can upload FAQ documents, newsletters, destination and relocation information.

Meet2Talk also gives the company the possibility to listen to the concerns of relocating employees and families, receive questions and reply quickly and easily.

Meet2Talk is an efficient and practical alternative to a group move website. You can supply employees and the accompanying families with information about the destination, relocation policies and support programmes being offered to enable them to make an informed and positive relocation decision.

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    Benefits for the company…

  • Provide a single source for information and communications to families
  • Give families the proper foundation to make a positive relocation decision
  • Maximise employee retention
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    Benefits for the family…

  • Easy to receive correct and relevant information relating to the move
  • Families are involved and included in the process
  • Easier preparation for the new life at the relocation destination

How it works

Announce a company group move

Announce the group move

Announce the move to employees and their families on Meet2Talk.

Upload information on Meet2Talk

Upload information

Upload all the previously prepared information to ensure a positive and reassuring decision process.

Answer questions on a group move

Provide updates and offer support

Send out regular short news updates to all families and reply to any questions and concerns there might be.

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