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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I find and contact spouses and employees on international assignments in other locations?

Yes, you can search for and get in contact with fellow spouses and employees from your own company, or other companies, at all company locations. Search by location, between spouses or employees, for family with kids, by nationality and more. You can contact others before you relocate and after you have arrived at your new location.

What is a Location?

Locations are geographical groups; e.g. Beijing, Atlanta, Copenhagen and other cities and towns worldwide.

When signing up and logging in for the first time you will see the location geographically closest to you appear on the bottom left side of the Home page under ‘Locations’.

You can select any Location group you wish to join by clicking on ‘Manage my locations’. Ask questions, share information and advice and communicate with other spouses and employees in that location

All company locations will be available on Meet2Talk.

Please contact our support if your wish to add a location.

What are Company Groups?

Company Groups are groups connecting all spouses and all employees from the same company, enabling them to communicate, ask questions and share information and advice irrespective of where they live.

A Spouse Group and an Employee Group are always visible. All spouses and employees from your company have access to both groups.
Other groups can be created easily by your company.

Company Groups are visible on the left side of the Home page. To select groups click on ‘Manage my groups’.

Who can join?

The service is a subscription service for companies, universities and other organizations. Employees and their spouse have access to the platform and the features available through the company subscription.

How does our company sign up?

Signing up is easy. There is no integration and implementation with your existing systems.
After a start-up meeting, we will help you create a tailor-made implementation and onboarding plan which suits your organisation, number of employees/spouses, number of locations etc.
The Meet2Talk platform is immediately ready to be used by your HR and Global Mobility, and by company employees and their spouse worldwide.

Do we need to buy user licenses?

No, once your company signs up, all employees and all spouses worldwide have access to Meet2Talk and no additional user licenses are needed.

Your data & GDPR?

The protection of your personal information and its confidential treatment is of the greatest concern to us, and we believe that your personal information is yours – and yours alone.
At Meet2Talk we are in full compliance with GDPR as is our supplier of data infrastructure; Amazon Web Services (AWS).
For more information see: Your data

How do we inform our employees and spouses about Meet2Talk?

We help you create a tailor-made implementation and onboarding plan. This plan includes a step-by-step guide to ensure a successful implementation and onboarding. We also offer content, templates, tutorials, and guides. We will help you reach and inform expat employees and spouses, local hire’s, Graduates, buddy’s, mentors, local employees and other relevant groups across locations.

Can I sign up as an individual?

No, only companies, universities and other organisations can sign up. Meet2Talk is exclusively for their employees and their spouses.
Employees and spouses sign up and log in by clicking on the green button in the top right corner of this website.

How do we cancel my subscription?

Subscriptions are valid for twelve months at a time. If you wish to cancel your company subscription, just contact us and inform us that you want to cancel it. Please note that the cancellation has to be made minimum three months priori to the end of the current subscription period.

Who owns the information that users and companies create?

On Meet2Talk you own the content you post and share. As a user you can always delete your profile any time you wish. All content and information you have uploaded will be deleted.

If you cancel your company account, all information your company has uploaded or posted will be deleted at the end of the subscription period. All user accounts (employee and spouse profiles) and the information uploaded and posted by these profiles will also be deleted when the subscription runs out.

Please think carefully about how you use our service and what you share. Meet2Talk includes social and interactive features, including the ability to post and share content, and make certain information about you public. Please remember that shared or publicly available information may be used and re-shared by others on Meet2Talk or across the web, so please use Meet2Talk with care.

See our Terms and conditions and Privacy Policy for further details.

Are there ads on Meet2Talk?

No, there are no ads on Meet2Talk.

What happens when an employee leaves a company?

All employees on Meet2Talk will receive an email every 6 months where we ask you to verify and confirm your work email address. If the work email address is not confirmed the employee profile in question will be removed from Meet2Talk. If there is a spouse profile attached to the employee profile this will also be removed.
In this way the work relation between the company and its employees and spouses will be updated continuously.

What support does Meet2Talk provide?

We offer email support to all subscribers and to employess and their spouses. Our support team usually replies within a business day.

Please write to us with your questions, suggestions or complaints. We are interested in hearing from you and we are here to help. Se our Contact page on this website for details.

Can I delete my user profile if I stop using Meet2Talk?

Yes, you can delete your profile any time by going to your My Profile page and clicking on Edit and Delete Profile.

Who can I meet on Meet2Talk?

You can find employees and spouses from all companies that subscribe to our service.

From which devices can I use Meet2Talk?

The service is available on PC, tablet and smartphone for iOS & Android.

Go to App Store and Google Play to download the Meet2Talk app.

Can I be anonymous on the platform?

No, other users will be able to see your name, country and city of residence together with the other information you provide on your My Profile page. Your Skype name and year of birth will only be visible to your connections. Your email will not be visible.
With an employee profile you can limit the visibility of your profile, so only colleagues from your own company can find you in searches. Log in and go to the ‘My Profile’ page, click on ‘Edit profile’ and change setting.

Can NGOs, charities and other non-profit organisations sign up for free?

Yes, Meet2Talk is free for NGOs, charitable organisations and for other non-profit organisations.

Please Contact us for further information.

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