Your international buddy program

The benefits of a local buddy

Many international companies use a Buddy program to help new incoming colleagues settle into the job comfortably.

Having a local Buddy and colleague to go to is a big help for incoming international employees. It is a quick and efficient way to help a new colleague settle into the job. Having a go-to-person to ask questions big and small, and get local advice, is an invaluable support when settling into a new place – both for the employee and for the accompanying family.

How can Meet2Talk help you to set up an international Buddy program?

Meet2Talk is easy to use as a Buddy program for incoming foreign employees.

The employee can easily find local Buddy-colleagues, contact them and start a conversation.

It is also possible for the incoming employee to contact the Buddy before arriving at the company. This way the employee can ask questions and get information and advice about the job, the new location and any other specific and relevant issues important to the employee and the family, prior to arriving at the new location.

The Buddy program can be set up covering all company locations.

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    Benefits for the company…

  • Use Meet2Talk for all company locations worldwide
  • A ready-made solution with no integration needed
  • An efficient tool with minimum admin workload necessary
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    Benefits for the family…

  • The incoming employee can contact the Buddy and get information before arriving at the new location
  • The incoming employee can see who his Buddy is before they speak or meet
  • Easy way to get in touch with a local support person and colleague

How it works

Name of Buddy through Email

Get Buddy assigned

The incoming employee receives an email with the name of the Buddy.

Log in with your Meet2Talk account

Log in on Meet2Talk

The Incoming employee logs in on Meet2Talk.

Ask Buddy for advice

Meet you Buddy

The incoming employee contacts the Buddy, asks questions and gets advice.

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