Meet our team

We are Meet2Talk; a Danish start-up founded in 2016 by an experienced HR manager, a seasoned entrepreneur and a creative tech enthusiast.
We thougt, and still think, that an assignment abroad should be a great learning experience and cultural eye-opener for everyone, benefitting employees, their families and the companies they work for. This is why we created Meet2Talk.


Peter Erkmann

Co-founder & COO
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Peter has worked with HR throughout his entire career and across a broad spectrum of businesses such as Financial Services, Retail, Engineering and IT. He has dealt with strategy planning, restructuring, succession planning, diversity & inclusion, reorganisation and more, both with large Danish and international companies.

Peter is a great motivator and in his free time he teaches voluntary organisations how to structure and improve their performance and get the most out of their often limited resources.He has been a lifelong member and contributor within The Danish Guide and Scout Association and likes to go sea kayaking all year round.


Kim Barba

Co-founder & CEO
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Kim left Denmark at 18 and lived and worked abroad for many years where he co-founded a successful start-up, and got involved in many other projects. Returning to Denmark, he studied Political Science while starting up an ‘organic’ industrial laundry when the sustainability agenda was in its early days. Following this he went on to co-found a baby product brand which sold its products in many countries worldwide.

Kim is an experienced entrepreneur within different fields and often gets involved in cultural projects and collaborations. He brews his own beer with a couple of neighbours, and has travelled extensively throughout the world.


Per Jessen Schmidt

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Per has been building stuff all his life. Thirty years ago he decided to make a living by building software products, and has since worked both in start-ups and with large companies such as Adobe, creating many unique solutions. Throughout his career, Per has taken on all product development roles, from developer to CTO, and he particularly likes working in the intersection between technology, business and people.

Outside work Per is very active on the start-up scene where he has been a mentor and ‘birth helper’ to new start-ups and projects. Besides technology Per is an accomplished fine arts photographer, having had a couple of books published, as well as being a passionate sailor with several championships under his belt.


Ghaith Ali

Software Engineer
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Ghaith studied Computer Science at Aarhus University and has worked in large companies and startups. He especially enjoys the technical challenges of building solutions with intricate features. Ghaith started studying Medicine at the University of Baghdad but changed focus when moving to Denmark where software became his main interest.

Just as his academic studies have been broad, so are his hobbies; he reads Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels, he is a keen gamer, and is a fitness and workout enthusiast.