Privacy and Cookie Policy


1. Introduction

Welcome to Meet2Talk. We will do our best to give you the best service possible.

Meet2Talk offers a subscription service (“Service”) for companies and other international organisations (“Subscribers”). Once a Subscriber has subscribed to the service employees and spouses of the Subscriber (“User”/“Users”) have access to the Service and the features available. The Subscriber lets one, or more, employees take on roles and responsibilities on behalf of the Subscriber (“Admin User”).

Please read our Privacy and cookies policy carefully as it is intended to inform you about how we treat and protect the information and data we collect.

In general, you should be aware that, as an internet user, you leave behind electronic traces. These traces enable others to track your whereabouts and your traffic on the internet.

At Meet2Talk we are not interested in your whereabouts on the internet. In order to offer you the best service possible on Meet2Talk we will use cookies and collect your information only on our Service. This information will be used to ensure the quality of the Service, enhance your user experience, offer you relevant features and options, and for security reasons.

We will of course not track you outside the Meet2Talk Service.

Please think carefully about how you use our Service and what you share. Our Service includes social and interactive features, including the ability to post and share content, and make certain information about you public. Please remember that shared or publicly available information may be used and re-shared by others on the Meet2Talk Service or across the web, so please use Meet2Talk with care and be mindful of your account settings.

For further information on the use of cookies on Meet2Talk please see the Cookies section below.

You can learn more about our internal policy and standards and our GDPR compliance by visiting the Your Data section on our website.


1.1. Meet2Talk Takes Your Data Protection Seriously

The purpose of this Privacy and cookies policy is to:

  1. Explain the way we use the information you share with us in order for us to build the best possible Service for you and to give you a great experience.
  2. Ensure that you understand which type of information we collect and what we do with this information – and also what we do not do with it.
  3. This Privacy and cookies policy will keep us accountable and ensure that we protect your rights and your privacy under this policy.

If you have any questions about privacy related matters, please do not hesitate to contact us at

We ensure you that your personal data is processed and utilised in accordance with the law in force at the time in question including compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).


1.2. Processing of Personal Data

Meet2Talk processes personal information in different situations and as a capacity of both data controller and data processor in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

Personal information is regarded in accordance with the GDPR and means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.

Meet2Talk acts as a data processor in the following situation:
a) When Subscriber’s Admin Users submit or upload documents, information etc. on behalf of the Subscriber (the data controller).

In these situations, Meet2Talk and the Subscriber enters into the Data Processing Agreement.

To the extent possible Meet2Talk assists the Subscriber in fulfilling the Subscriber’s obligation to provide information to the Users (data subjects) and to handle requests from the Users (data subjects), cf. Article 13 and Articles 15-22 of the GDPR.


Meet2Talk acts as a data controller in the following situation:
a) When Subscriber’s Users and Admin Users create a profile on the Service submitting or uploading personal information (mandatory or optionally), cf. section 2.1.1 and 2.1.2.

As a User of our Service you act as a data controller, while Meet2Talk only provides you with our Service, in the following situation:
a) When posting, chatting etc. in Meet2Talk’s Service and submitting or uploading personal information about yourself and others in this connection, cf. 2.1.3.


1.3. Contact Information

You can always contact us by using the information below:

Meet2Talk ApS

Address: Søren Frichs Vej 38 K, Kontor 34, 1.sal, DK-8230 Åbyhøj

Company reg no. (CVR-no.): 37815497




1.4. Fair and Transparent Collection of Information

This privacy and cookies policy inform you of both the specific information that we collect as well as the purpose of collecting your personal data.


2. The Information We Collect

2.1 Our Processing

When you use our Service, you accept the collection, use and sharing etc. (together “Processing”/”Process”) of your personal data under this privacy and cookies policy.

Broadly speaking there are two categories of information we collect and Process:

  1. information that we must have in order for you to use our Service; and
  2. information that we can use to provide additional features and improved experiences if you choose to share that information.

The collection of information and data occurs when:

  • You register as a User, you connect to other Users, you post or chat, you update your profile and when you interact with other Users on the Service.

We only collect information that is relevant and sufficient in proportion to the purposes outlined above.


2.1.1 Information Collected when Creating a profil

When you become a User or Admin User, we Process certain information about you which you provide us in order to use our Service and create a profile on the Service. This information includes:

  • Your e-mail, name, city of residence, country of residence and your partners e-mail address (if you sign up as a spouse).

The purpose of the processing of this data is to be able to create a profile. We need your information in order to ensure your identity and make sure you are related to a Subscriber, in order to find other Users near you etc.

The legal basis for the processing of this data is Article 6, para 1, lit. b, in the GDPR, after which personal information can be processed if it is necessary for the performance of a contract which the User is a party to.


2.1.2 Additional Features and Improved Experiences

To offer a more relevant experience and Service for Users you can chose to fill in further information when filling in your profile and while using the Service. This type of information includes, but is not limited to:

  • Nationality, interests, Skype username, birth year, previous postings, etc.

The purpose for Users is to be able to contact other Users regarding subjects you may find interesting – for example contacting other Users with children asking about schools, or asking about other subjects such as, health and environment, leisure activities, job opportunities for spouses etc.

The legal basis for this processing of data is Article 6, para 1, lit. f, in the GDPR, after which personal information can be processed for the purposes of the legitimate interests of Meet2Talk. Meet2Talk has a legitimate interest in making the Service as usable and relevant for you as a User as possible.


2.1.3 Interaction with Other Users

When you interact with other users, make posts, chat, submit and/or upload personal information etc., you act as a data controller, while Meet2Talk only provides you with our Service.

When posting, chatting etc. in Meet2Talk’s Service you should be aware not to submit any special categories of personal information (“Sensitive data”) about yourself or others.

Sensitive data is data regarding:

  • racial or ethnic origin,
  • political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership
  • processing of genetic data, biometric data for the purpose of uniquely identifying a natural person,
  • data concerning health, or
  • data concerning a natural person’s sex life or sexual orientation

If you do submit sensitive data, or other personal data, regarding other persons than yourself, you are responsible to ensure that you have a consent or likewise (a legal basis) for this data sharing.


2.2 Updating you Personal Data

Our ability to offer you the best service depends on the correctness of your information. We ask you to regularly update your profile. In that way, we are continuously updated on your personal data. You can amend and view much of the information we keep about you through your account and profile pages.

In case of any doubt, please do contact us.


2.3 Deletion of Your Personal Information

We delete personal information belonging to Users, Admin Users and Subscribers when it is no longer relevant or necessary for the purposes outlined above.


2.3.1 Deletion of User profiles and Information

If a User (a spouse or employee) decides to cancel his or her profile, it is no longer possible for the User to access the Service. Profile information, connections, messages and other details connected to the profile will be deleted in the data base and will not be visible to other Users.

Posts and chats made by the User are part of a dialogue between various Users and on Meet2Talk often of a practical nature; questions, answers and comments meant to assist others in their new surroundings when moving to a new city or country.
Posts and chats are nearly always part of a longer communication thread between users. They are important to maintain the understanding and logic of the conversation thread in the group, making all other related posts and replies relevant and understandable to existing users.
For this reason, posts are visible to other users for 12 months after the User’s deletion of his/her profile.

The profile photo will be replaced by an avatar/icon and only name, location and the written text/information offered by the user in the post will be visible. After 12 months the post and chat will not be visible and deleted from the data base.

Please note that it is always possible for a User to delete one’s posts individually.


2.3.2 Deletion of Company subscriptions and information

If a Subscriber cancels their subscription, the company account and the Admin User account will be deactivated at the end of the Subscription Period. After this date, the Subscriber will not have access to the Service. User profiles connected to the company (the company employees and spouses) will no longer have access to Meet2Talk.

The cancellation and subsequent deletion of a company subscription will have a profound and immediate impact for the company and on all employees and spouses (Users) and Admin Users. Employees and spouses (Users) and Admin Users will no longer be able to log onto the Service and all information, connections, messages and other details connected to the profiles, will be lost.

Since a company subscription can be cancelled due to an accidental non-payment, mistake in communication, an error etc. we wish to safeguard the possibility of an error occurring. To avoid that Users have to sign up again in a situation where cancellation is due to an error, Meet2Talk keeps the details and the information connected to the company account, and the information connected to the company user profiles, for up to 4 months after our system recognises a cancellation.

After a maximum of 4 months after our system recognises a cancellation, we delete the company subscription and all company information and all user information on our data base.

Individual posts made by users will be treated in the same way as if the user deleted their profile (see Deletion of user profiles and information above). Posts will be visible for 12 months after we delete the company subscription. Hereafter posts will no longer be visible and will be deleted from our data base.


2.3.3 Deletion of the Backup of our Data Base

As a responsible service provider, we take a backup of our data base and our system on a regularly basis. Our backup expires after 12 months. After the data has been deleted in our data base, we therefore retain the data for a maximum of twelve months in our backup.


2.4 Acceptance before We Collect Your Personal Information

We will ask for your acceptance of this Privacy and cookies policy and the Terms and Conditions before we collect your personal data in accordance with the purposes outlined above.

Further, you can change your information and cancel your user profile at any time. See above section 2.3.1 and 2.3.3.


2.5 Non-Disclose of Your Personal Data

Information you give to external websites such as Facebook or Twitter complies with their terms and conditions. This also applies if you choose to connect your profile to external social media sites.

We reserve the right to use and treat information and data on our Service to generate statistics, analysis etc. We shall be permitted to use such information in statistics, analysis, benchmarks etc. in anonymised form for commercial purposes. No personal data or data will be shared with any third party in this process.

We do not ask for your consent if, by any judicial obligations, we have to disclose your personal data. That may be the case in connection with notifications to authorities.


3. Security

3.1 Meet2Talk Protects Your Personal Data

We are committed to protect our Subscribers’, Admin Users’ and Users’ information. Your password protects your user account, so you should use a unique and strong password, limit access to your computer and browser, and log out after having used our Service. We have taken the following data protection precautions:

  • Only a limited number of employees have access to your information and employees are bound by secrecy and confidentiality.
  • Personal data is stored encrypted on our servers, and it is sent encrypted over the Internet.
  • All communication and data traffic is encrypted.
  • All data for card payments are sent to our payment processor over a secure encrypted connection.
  • Meet2Talk does not have access to you credit card information. This is only stored by our payment processor.
  • The employees at Meet2Talk are subject to full confidentiality, including regarding personal data.


4. Transfer of Data

In order to provide you with our Service, we use data processors.

We host your personal data on Amazon Web Service (AWS). AWS delivers the infrastructure to run the Service. Personal data is currently stored within the EU/EEA.

Please note that if you or another user or subscriber access the Meet2Talk Service from a country outside the EU/EEA, the data is made available to a third country, even though the personal data is stores within the EU/EEA. The legal basis for this transfer is based on Article 49, para. 1, lit. b and lit. c in the GDPR.


5. Your Rights

5.1 The Right to Access Your Personal Data

At any time, you have the right to obtain from Meet2Talk as to whether or not we process personal data about you. If this is the case, you have the right to access your personal data, and information about the processing, e.g. the purposes of the processing, categories of personal data processed, recipients of personal data etc. You have the right to request and receive a copy of the personal data Meet2Talk process.

Your access to the information may be limited by the rights and freedom of others.

You may make use of your rights by contacting us on the contact information above.


5.2 The Right to correct or delete Inaccurate Personal Data

If you think that any information that we collect about you is inaccurate or incorrect, you may have them corrected. In that event, please do contact us and inform us of the inaccuracy.

You may also contact us if you think that we collect your personal data inconsistent to the law, or if you do not think that the information we process is no longer necessary in relation to the purposes outlined above.

If you contact us with a request for having your information corrected or deleted, we examine the requirements for such. If they are fulfilled, we will correct/delete your information.


5.3 The Right to Restriction of The Processing

In some situations, you have the right to have the processing of your personal data limited, for example if you have objected to the processing of your personal data based on legitimate interests, cf. Article 6, para 1, lit. f in GDPR.

If so, Meet2Talk will only store your personal data until your objection is processed. If Meet2Talk terminates the restriction you will be informed of this beforehand.


5.4 The Right to Object

You have the right, for reasons pertaining to your particular situation, to object to Meet2Talk’s processing of your personal data if the processing is based on legitimate interests, cf. Article 6, para 1, lit. f in the GDPR.

If you object to Meet2Talk’s processing of your personal data, we will no longer be entitled to process your personal data unless Meet2Talk can demonstrate significant legitimate reasons for continued processing that precede your interests, rights of freedom, or the processing is necessary for a legal claim to be established, claimed or defended.

Further, you always have the right to object to the processing of your personal data if the treatment is for direct marketing purposes.


5.5 The Right to Data Portability

When our processing of your personal data is necessary to fulfill a contract with you, cf. Article 6, para 1, lit. b in the GDPR, or if our processing is based on your consent, you have the right to receive your personal data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, and transmit those data to another data controller.

6. Cookies

The following section explains how we uses cookies on our subscription service and on our website,


6.1 What Is a Cookie?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer, mobile phone, or other devices when you visit a website to make a user’s experience more personalized, ensure security, enable various functionalities, for statistical purposes, and for advertising purposes etc.


6.2 How Does Meet2Talk Use Cookies

6.2.1 The Meet2Talk Subscription Service

When you use our Subscription Service on either the desktop application or iOS and Android Applications (log in to our Service) we set the following cookies.

  • A cookie is set while the user is using the service (session cookie). This cookie is necessary in order for your device to be in contact with our server.
  • A cookie is set for authentication and authorisation when a user logs on to the service. This allows the system to recognize the user and authorising access to the service.
  • We also store essential data elements (local storage) to enable certain features and remember your preferences. For example, for authorisation when you log in, for updating messages from your connections, keeping location groups updated, and to remember that you have seen our introduction when you log in for the first time.

These cookies and local storage are strictly necessary for the Meet2Talk Service to function.

Data elements and information relate only to the user interface and do not contain any personal information or identification.

We do not use advertising on Meee2Talk. Therefore, we do not place cookies for this purpose neither do we sell any data or user information collected among our users.


6.2.2 The Meet2Talk Website

On our website we use cookies.

Before we use cookies, we ask for your optional consent. Your continued use of the website is also your acceptance.

You can always change or withdraw your consent by following the links and instructions below in section 6.4.

The cookies will allow Meet2Talk to recognize your device the next time you visit Meet2Talk’s website, enabling us to offer a more personal experience and operate a smooth service.

We also use cookies for statistical and marketing purposes. They allow us to examine your use of the website, analyse our traffic, including getting information about the number of visitors and their behavior. The better we understand how our website is used, the better we can customize it.

Some cookies are placed by third party services. These cookies collect information about how the users use the website and which content and ads the user may have seen previously.  These partners may combine this with other information that you have provided to them or that they have collected from you and your use of their services.


6.3 We Use the Following Cookies on


6.4 Your Consent and Control of the Use of Cookies

Your  browser or device offers settings that enables you to choose whether browser cookies are set and to delete them. For more information about these controls, visit your browser or device’s help material.


7. Contact us

If you have any questions concerning the Meet2Talk Service or the Privacy and cookies policy, please contact us. See information on how to contact us on at the top of this policy or at our website


8. Complaints

If you have any complaints about Meet2Talk’s processing of your data, you can always contact Meet2Talk. See information on how to contact us on at the top of this policy or at our website

Further, you can always complain to the supervisory authority of Denmark, Datatilsynet, on their website, on telephone (+45) 33 19 32 00, or by e-mail to


9. Changes to the Privacy and Cookie Policy

Meet2Talk may modify our Privacy and cookies policy. If material changes are made to the Privacy Policy, Meet2Talk will provide you notice through our Service, or by other means, to provide you the opportunity to review the changes before they become effective.

If you object to any changes, you may delete your user profile or cancel your subscription, if you are a subscriber. Your continued use of the Service after Meet2Talk publishes or sends a notice about our changes to these terms means that you are consenting to the updated terms.