Admin users can post messages and information on behalf of the company to all employees and spouses in closed company groups.

Only admin users and post writers have access to these functionalities.
Posting in groups can be done in the app or on web.

Step 1

  • Log in with your email and password at:
  • On the ‘Home’ page you will find your selected Company Groups in the sidebar on the left

Step 2

To select a company group, click on Manage my groups and select the company group of your choice.

The selected company groups will be visible in the sidebar on the left. 

Click on a group and you will see the feed of the selected group. The name of the group will be displayed at the top of the feed.

Step 3

To post a company message select the company group you want to post in and click on ‘Post’ at the top right. 

Tick the box ‘Post as [company name]’ and your employee profile picture will be replaced by the company logo. 

Step 4

The company post will be visible with the company logo to all your employees and spouses who access this company group.

Any employee or spouse who has selected this particular company group to be visible in the sidebar will receive a push notification in the app and an email notification informing them that their company has shared a post.

Step 5 – best practice examples

  • Post specific information for specific groups e.g. employees, spouses, runners etc.
  • Post open positions for spouses specifically
  • Post and inform about events, local events etc. in specific groups, e.g. about a Company Marathon
  • Post and inform families if you have uploaded new information that is especially relevant for a specific group on to the Company Information section
  • Inform specific groups about offers, opportunities and special deals, e.g. new cooperations where employees will get discounts etc.
  • Inform and offer help to Spouses and Families specifically
  • Use this opportunity to communicate to all employees and families and strengthen inclusion and employer wellbeing
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