Create company groups for your employees and spouses. Communicate with them and encourage information sharing between them.

Only company admin users have access to these functionalities.
Company Administration and admin user section accessible on web.

Step 1

  • Log in with your email and password at:
  • On the Home page select ‘More’ on the top menu.
  • On the ‘More’ page, select ‘Company Administration’.

Step 2

Select ‘Manage Groups’.

Step 3

Click on ‘Add Group’ to create a new group.

Enter the new group’s name and click ‘Add Group’ to confirm.

Step 4

To edit an existing group name click on the symbol under ‘Edit’.
Don’t forget to click ‘Save’ once you are done.

Please note that when you delete a group all posts and content in that group will be deleted. The group will be deleted from the group list on the Home page and no longer be accessible by employees and spouses.

Step 5

To delete an existing group click on the symbol under ‘Delete’. You will have to confirm this request by clicking ‘Delete’ in the subsequent warning box.

Step 6

In order to search for a specific group, simply enter a keyword in the search bar. 

Step 7 – best practice examples

  • Set up a group for Single assignees
  • Set up a group for Repats
  • Establish Dual career – job search network groups
  • Set up a Graduate group
  • Set up a Network group for new parents
  • Set up groups for sports enthusiasts, e.g. Local ’running groups’
  • Already existing local groups and forums, e.g. International Club etc.
  • Network group where spouses irrespective of where they live can ask questions and receive advice/answers from other spouses and where HR/Mobility also can contribute.
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