If an incident occurs at a specific location, you can send a notification to employees and spouses living, working, or travelling in the area and ask them to report back.

The security admin section is accessible only for security admin users
on web and in the Meet2Talk app. 

Step 1

  • Log in or sign up in the Meet2Talk app. The app is available in App Store and Google Play.
  • Or log in at on the web.
  • On the ‘Home’ page select ‘More’ in the menu.
  • On the ‘More’ page, select ‘Global Security Administration’.

Step 2

In the Admin menu tap on ‘Show Safe/Not Safe Reports’.

Step 3

You will see a list of all employees and spouses you have sent a notification and their reports to you. The list will be empty until you send out a notification.

To send a notification tap ‘Send Notification: Safe/Not Safe’ in the top right corner.

Step 4

A list of all your employees and spouses who have signed up to Meet2Talk will appear. Use the search area at the top of the list or scroll down.

Tap and mark the relevant person or persons you wish to send a notification.

Then tap ‘Send Notification’ in the top right corner.

Step 5

You can write an optional message to explain why you want the receiver to report back. Or you can just tap ‘Send Notification’.

The notification will be sent to the selected user(s).

Step 6

The employee and spouses who have received the notification will appear on the list.

The report status will be Open and No Reply.

Step 7

You will receive a notification on your device when employees and spouses report back.
Reports will register on the list as users reply to the notification.

User status will be either Safe or Not Safe depending on their reply. If the user does not reply it will say No Reply on the list.

Any optional message from the user can be seen.

Step 8

If an employee or spouse has reported back tap on the entry on the list to zoom in to see the geo-location of the employee or spouse.

Step 9

Reports coming in from users will register in the Open Report section on the list.

To remove all Safe reports from the list tap on ‘Remove Safe Reports From List’. The reports will be filed in the ‘All Reports’ section for future reference.

Step 10

If reports are marked Not Safe or No Reply you can still remove them from the list and file them in the All Reports section. Tap on the entry on the list and then tap on ‘Close Report’ in the top right corner.

Confirm and the report will be moved to the All Reports section.

Well done, you're through!

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