If an employee, or a spouse, is in trouble they can quickly request help and you will be notified immediately.

The security admin section is accessible only for security admin users
on web and in the Meet2Talk app.

Step 1

If an employee or spouse taps on the ‘I Need Help’ button in their security menu you will receive a push notification on your smart phone/tablet, and an email notification in your inbox, to inform you of the incident.

Step 2

  • Log in or sign up in the Meet2Talk app. The app is available in App Store and Google Play.
  • Or log in at on the web.
  • On the ‘Home’ page select ‘More’ in the menu.
  • On the ‘More’ page, select ‘Global Security Administration’.

Step 3

In the Admin menu tap on ‘Show I Need Help’

Step 4

You will see a list showing all requests for help received from employees and spouses and the status of each request.

The new request for help will show up with the status: ‘SOS New Case – Respond to user’. You can see date, time, and any optional message from the user.

Step 5

Tap on the entry on the list and you can zoom in to see the
geo-location of the employee when the request was sent.

Step 6

Notify the employee that you have seen the request by tapping
‘Notify User: Request for help dealt with’.

The employee will receive a notification and a message
that the request has been seen.

The status of the request will be updated on the list.

Step 7

As you organise help notify the employee that help is on the way by tapping
‘Notify User: Help on the way’.

When the employee is safe tap on ‘Case Resolved’.

For each status change the employee will be notified and the status updates on your list.

Step 8

The employee can also cancel the request during the process in their security menu.

If this happens you will receive a notification and the request will be updated in the list.

Well done, you're through!

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