Meet2Talk is about creating network and helping others in a similar situation with your unique knowledge and experience. A properly filled in profile will help everyone search for, and reach out to, each other.

You can use Meet2Talk on web or download our app from App Store and Google Play Store.

Step 1

Sign up or log in to the app or log in at on the web.

Go to the My Profile page.



Step 2

Add your own profile image. Tap on Edit Profile and then on Change Profile Image.

You will now be able to select an image from your device. Tap on Save Changes when you have selected your profile image.

Step 3

Tap on Edit Profile and fill in the About me section. Write a few lines and tell people where you are from, how long time you have lived here, and other pieces of information about who you are.

Remember to tap ‘Save Changes’.

Step 4

Your profile will be visible to all other users. If you are an employee, you can choose to change the setting, so your profile only appears in search results to colleagues in the Find People section. 

Tap Edit Profile and change setting to ‘Show only to colleagues’. Tap ‘Save Changes’.

Step 5

Fill in your contact information and personal information. This will greatly improve your profile and help others reach out to you. Your Skype name is only visible to your connections.

NOTE: Emails are never shown to other users. Not even after you are connected. To get in touch after you are connected send a message in the My Connections section.

Step 6

You can also add details of any previous postings. This might be useful for other families moving there.

To add details of a previous posting tap on Edit Profile and then on Add Posting. Insert the details and tap Save Changes.

Well done, you're through!

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