Company Groups connect spouses and employees within the same company, enabling you to communicate and share information with colleagues and spouses irrespective of where you live. Your company can create new groups and post messages in the groups.

You can use Meet2Talk on web or download our app from App Store and Google Play Store.

Step 1

Sign up or log in to the app or log in at on the web.

Go to the Home page.



Step 2

The Company groups are shown on the left.

The Spouse Group and the Employee Group are always visible in the list.

Both groups are accessible for spouses and employees.

Step 3

Your company can create additional groups. To view and select
from these groups tap on ‘Manage my groups’.

Select any group you wish to follow, and it will appear in the list under Manage my groups.

Step 4

Ask questions, post comments, and share information with colleagues
and spouses.

To post a message make sure you are in the right Company group and tap on ‘Make a Post’.

You will be able to write your post and upload an image.

Step 5

Your company can post messages in the Company groups.

They will show up with the company logo and be accessible for all company employees and spouses who have selected the specific group.

Well done, you're through!

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