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Attracting and retaining the right employees

International companies are increasingly met by the need to be able to move employees within the company, and to recruit externally to fill important positions. Attracting and retaining the right employees at various company locations is paramount.

Competent employees are the most important assets of any company and competition is strong when it comes to attracting and retaining the right candidates. This recruitment challenge becomes even more difficult when the employee has an accompanying family.

76% of employees state that family issues are the main reason for turning down an assignment or position abroad. This makes attracting and retaining the right employees both a concrete and important strategic challenge.

How can Meet2Talk serve as your strategic HR tool?

Meet2Talk is a unique HR tool helping your international employees and their accompanying family.

It allows spouses and employees to find each other across company locations and share advice and information on housing, schools, leisure activities, job opportunities, health and safety issues and other questions which are important for each individual family. It also makes it possible for the company to communicate directly with spouses in company locations, and enables you to share documents and information in a safe environment.

Meet2Talk strengthens internal mobility and the external recruitment process, contributing to a larger pool of candidates and ensuring the company gets the right person for the right position. It provides reassurance during the decision process, assists the family when preparing for the move and helps to create a network upon arrival. It is also possible to extend invitations to candidates not yet employed by the company, making it a valuable recruitment tool.

Meet2Talk supports your Duty of Care obligations. When an incident occurs, effective communication is a key issue. Meet2Talk allows Security to communicate with the accompanying families at any company location before, during or after an incident has occurred.

With Meet2Talk your organisation will have a strategic and concrete tool whereby you can easily communicate with and support your entire community of international families. It will improve your ability to attract and retain employees, it will reassure and support international employees and families, and enhance your corporate reputation.

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    Benefits for the company…

  • Attracts a larger pool of mobile and suitable candidates
  • Improves retention and results in more motivated and engaged employees.
  • Gives your company the possibility to communicate directly to the accompanying family
  • Increases your employer branding
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    Benefits for the family…

  • Makes the decision less stressful, and easier for employees and their families to say yes
  • Makes it possible for the accompanying spouse to take control and create the new life of the family abroad
  • The spouse and family feel they are seen, acknowledged and supported in a professional and relevant manner

How it works

How to subscribe to Meet2Talk as a company.

Company signs up

Your company signs up to an annual subscription.

Employees and spouses signs up

All employees and spouses can sign up irrespective of position and location.

Start using Meet2Talk

Spouses and employees can find and contact each other across location. The company can communicate and share information.

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Need more information?

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