Support your international families

Manage and support your international community

International companies are made up of international employees. Expats, local foreign hires, international recruitments, repats and other groups of international employees move around the organisation, turning even relatively small companies into globalized organisations.

Supporting international and foreign employees and their families across many company locations is challenging for most organisations irrespective of size and resources available.

For HR and Global Mobility, it is difficult to offer the right close support cost-efficiently to all families at all locations.

How can Meet2Talk help you manage your international community?

With Meet2Talk your organisation will have a tool with which you can easily reach and support your entire community of international families. You can communicate with and reach out to accompanying spouses and employees at all company locations.

You can create relevant internal groups and encourage spouses and employees to join them. Internal groups can be for families at one location, or for spouses across all locations.

You can send messages and short news updates to families at specific locations. This encourages communication, sharing of information and creates a feeling of community.

HR can also join the various groups, offering advice and answering questions from employees and spouses.

With Meet2Talk you easily get an overview of where your international families are and learn which issues are important to them. It is an efficient tool allowing you to closely support international families with all the advantages this brings, but with hardly any effort.

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    Benefits for the company…

  • Reach out and communicate with spouses and international families at all locations
  • Provide the best possible support to international families with hardly any effort
  • One tool, no integration, cost-efficient and easy to use
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    Benefits for the family…

  • Provides an invaluable and efficient family support to all international families
  • Provides reassurance before moving and wellbeing after arrival
  • Motivates and engages employees resulting in satisfied families and more successful assignments

How it works

Send updates to employees and families

Send regular news updates

Send out regular and short news updates to various locations and encourage spouses to share information.

Answer questions directly through Meet2Talk

Be a part

Join in the conversation, be visible on the platform and help by answering questions.

Create groups on Meet2Talk

Manage your community

Create relevant internal groups for your international families and encourage them to join.

See more ways of how Meet2Talk can help you support your international families

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