Safety and Security - Duty of Care

Reassurance, safety and wellbeing

As employees cross borders and often work in hazardous environments, there are increased risks for an organization’s employees and the accompanying family. These may range from hostile political environments, natural disasters, exposure to disease, travel accidents and other threats and incidents.

Duty of care is an organisation’s obligation to ensure the safety and well-being of their employees throughout the assignment or the relocation period.

This poses various challenges especially when it concerns offering the expected reassurance to the accompanying family and reaching out and communicating directly to them.

How can Meet2Talk support Duty of Care?

When an incident occurs, effective communication with employees is a key issue. However, being able to inform the accompanying family is equally important.

Meet2Talk is an easy-to-use online communication tool enabling the company to communicate directly with all accompanying spouses and families at any specific location. It allows your organisation to communicate with the accompanying families before, during or after an incident has occurred.

It is also possible to upload documents and information relating to the incident, thereby ensuring a flow of accurate and important information available to all spouses and partners.

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    Benefits for the company…

  • Communicate directly with families at specific company locations
  • Share and upload information and advice for spouses and partners worldwide
  • An efficient tool for minor incidents; a supplementary tool during grave incidents
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    Benefits for the family…

  • The spouse and family can receive important, accurate and unbiased information from the company
  • Reassurance for the employee that the company can communicate with the family in case of emergency
  • Families at the location can easily contact and help each other

How it works

Duty of care in case of an incident

Incident occurs

An incident occurs near a company location and you wish to inform employees and families.

Communicate Directly with affected employees in emergencies

Notify families

You send out a company post to families in that particular location.

Update information on Meet2Talk

Provide important information

You can choose to upload additional advice and information accessible to the families.

See more ways of how Meet2Talk can help you support your international families.

Need more information?

Download PDF version of how to use Meet2Talk to support your Duty of Care obligations.