Meet2Talk Tester Community Feedback

How to give Feedback?

This page contains information for the Meet2Talk testing community. To give feedback on observations you make on the platform, please use the feedback form.

To access the feedback form and give feedback, please click the ‘Provide feedback’ tap to the right.


If you have MORE than ONE observation (Feedback or Bug), we would like you to enter ONE form for EACH observation.


You can find an example for a feedback report and what to do if you find a bug reports below.

Example feedback report 

Feed too wide 

When I use Meet2Talk on my 13” iPad in landscape, feeds become very wide. This makes it hard to read because the lines become too long. 

It would help if feed wasn’t so wide.

I’m using the iOS App on a 13” iPad 2’nd generation running iOS 13.5.1 

What if I find a bug?

If you find a something that does not work, or makes the application crash, please report it and try to be as specific as possible. 


To help the process of finding and understanding the bug, please use the steps to reproduce method: 

  1. Start by describing the context, e.g. trying to post a message. 
  2. Make a step by step description of what you do. Try to remember all the steps, however small they are. 
  3. Describe the result, e.g. it crashes, makes two posts, nothing happens, etc. 


Please do include screenshots if possible. This can be a great help as you can overlook some information that would be helpful for us. It also helps to further illustrate the context. Please notice, that you can upload more than one file. 


Furthermore, we would also like to know what environment you are using: 

  • Web or native app?
  • What model of phone or tablet? e.g. iPhone Xs Max 
  • Which browser and what version? e.g. Safari, Version 13.1 (15609. 
  • Which operating system and what version? e.g. macOS Catalina, Version 10.15.4


All of this information helps us to locate the bug and ultimately fix the problem!

Example bug report 

Image missing when posting in Aarhus 

I was trying to post a message in the Aarhus location.

tapped the home tab.

Selected the Aarhus location.

Started writing a message.

Then added an image.

Pressed the post button.

My message was posted, but the image was missing.

I was using the app on an iPhone 11 running iOS 13.5.1. I was on the mobile network when it happened.

Please contact us if you have any problems with a bug or feedback report.

Just send an email to