Marianne Boe Jensen

Spouse, posted with husband and two children in Atlanta, USA, 1995-2000 & 2008-2015

Quotes from Marianne:

”I actually have a friend who said to me recently; “I could never say yes to an assignment abroad”. But I believe, that if she had access to Meet2Talk, she would’ve been good-to-go.”

”I certainly would’ve benefitted from Meet2Talk before we left on the assignment.”

”Although the company tries to give you the most important information, it’s not always enough. A list of ten schools raises a hundred questions. The fact that you can reach out to a person who is familiar with the schools and the location is much more reassuring.”


Kirsten Tolstrup

Spouse, posted with husband and two children in Singapore, 2011-2015

Quotes from Kirsten:

”Meet2Talk gives you the opportunity to establish a network before moving”

”I am sure that Meet2Talk meets a need, and it’s the reassurance and peace of mind it brings which is vital when you are at a place in your life which is full of uncertainty, and everything is in turmoil and about to change.”

”I was 47 when we moved to Singapore. I was a bit worried that we were too old. On Meet2Talk I would have been able to see that there were others on assignments in Singapore the same age as us. And it would have been nice to know that we were not the only ones. It’s the small things that matter when you have to decide whether to say yes to an assignment abroad.


Jan Klinker

HR Executive


Michael Bjerrum

HR Executive

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