Family balance

Family balance is inspired by work-life balance.  But where work–life balance is used to describe the balance between an individual’s work and personal life, family balance includes not only the life of the employee who is assigned to a new and exciting job, but also the lives of all members of the family, their day-to-day life and how they live together in their new surroundings.

Family balance represents the adventures and dreams of an employee when offered a new job opportunity abroad and the wellbeing of the entire family, making a career dream into a family adventure and a successful stay.

A caring and smart company focuses on the whole person and helps its employees achieve a family balance.

The Meet2Talk solution

Meet2Talk helps employees, spouses and families find a balance between work, leisure time, adventure and daily life for the benefit of the employee on an assignment, the accompanying spouse and children, and not least for the company.

Moving to a new place can be daunting and generate uncertainty. The Meet2Talk platform helps families quickly gain a firm foothold and gives them the means to build a strong foundation for their new life. Through meaningful and relevant networks with others in the same situation, with ‘local’ colleagues and spouses, and with the company, the accompanying family becomes an active part of the dream of living and working abroad.

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    Employees working abroad benefit from this, as it creates and gives room to focus on and commit to his or her job with a clear conscience. It also makes sense for the spouse and any children who, through Meet2Talk, get help to start their new lives, networks and identity: new friends, social activities, job opportunities, school, sports etc.
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    Companies benefit by putting themselves in the position of their employees, involving the families, giving them responsibility and acknowledging their importance. The company gains happier, more motivated and engaged employees who are less likely to leave prematurely. On the contrary, employees will become even more involved in their job and with their new colleagues.
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