Making international assignments easier for families

Going abroad on an international assignment is challenging. It puts strains on a family. The accompanying spouse and the children have to say goodbye to friends, job, schools, social activities and familiar surroundings. Surveys show family issues are the main reason for turning down an assignment abroad or returning home prematurely.

We believe saying yes to an international assignment should be easier. That’s why we have created Meet2Talk.

Meet2Talk helps the entire family create a new home abroad. It is a simple hands-on tool that helps reduce uncertainty, obtain personalized information and gain a new network. Meet2talk gives you peace of mind and helps your family build a strong foundation for your new life.

We ensure successful international assignments

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    Because the family receives the right information, gets a social network at the new location and enjoys the same peace of mind as at home.
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    Because the company offers a tool to the accompanying families giving spouses and families the reassurance and opportunity to manage a new life abroad.

Support your international employees and their accompanying families
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