Our software solution helps you improve recruitment, performance, engagement and retention of employees on international assignments – by including the accompanying spouse and family!

The challenges of moving people

In a world of increased competition and highly specialised work forces, international organisations must move experienced employees, competencies and top talent to where they create greatest value.  

Companies spend considerable resources on moving these ‘international employees’ around as they represent a large number of the total workforce and are the premise for development and growth. 

Meet2Talk can help you get the most out of your international assignments.


The international employee performance challenge

Most experienced employees have a family – so when moving an employee, it usually means moving a family too. This puts undue pressure on employees and their families already before the move, and it can cause a significant impact long after.

The risks and challenges:

The Meet2Talk solution

How can our solution help your company?

Meet2Talk offers a software solution that includes both the accompanying spouse and the employee.

The tool provides in particular the spouse with the possibility to obtain information, create networking opportunities, and play an active part during the process. It provides reassurance and reduces the barriers and the stress of a geographic move, helping both your employee and the accompanying family.

Your company will be able to onboard, include, and support both the employee and the spouse, from the moment the employee is offered the position, to when the family settles in and your employee starts up in the new position.


Your benefits from using Meet2Talk

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